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The Best Ways to Start a Freelancing Business

Remote work has its pros and cons. A large number of beginning freelancers aren’t sure that they will have enough orders to provide the same (if not more) income as that of office workers. To start freelance business in freelance website, every person needs to pay attention to some aspects of remote employment. 

Despite the temptation of working at home, you can’t do without pitfalls:

  • Work alone. Freelancing business is very different from working in the office — no one will encourage you to search for clients or developing freelance business ideas. This can be either a plus or a minus: your salary depends only on you. No one will force you to work overtime, but paid leave will not work either. So, if you have a busy life, and there is not enough time for hard work, there is no point in looking for work at home;
  • Earnings. Most orders at the freelance website are well paid. However, if you are just starting out and don’t have an impressive portfolio yet, you will not earn as much as experienced freelancers. If you consider freelancing business as a quick way to make money, you should not count on income above average for the first few months.

Next step:

  • After you have made sure that freelance suits you and before you start searching the queries «how to find a job for a freelancer», it’s worth figuring out what skills you should develop. Most creative freelance business ideas take start while figuring out which area of activity to choose at the beginning of remote work;
  • Time management. A small revelation: we all love to mess around. Office work limits your freedom. At the same time, with remote work on a freelance website, your ability to procrastinate will manifest itself in all its glory.

But don’t worry, everyone has had cases when we start working on an order at the last moment and then we barely manage to deliver it on time. A well-developed time management strategy will help overcome laziness and increase productivity, which will lead to more hourly earnings. But, having a strategy isn’t enough, its implementation is important, which can be easily achieved by availing a trusted rota software for online timesheets and managing the work schedule.

The most important stage to start freelance business in freelance website is the choice of a platform where he will offer his services. On the Internet, there are many different exchanges for remoters — both specialized and general. The choice of platform depends entirely on the specialization of the employee, but it is recommended that all freelancers register on one of the common platforms, like Upwork, or Floctopus. Every day, thousands of tasks are published on such sites, and thousands of freelancers complete them — thanks to such workload, every specialist will be able to find a task.

The Most Important Aspects of Choosing a Freelance Website

In a case you really want to start freelance business in freelance website, you need to pay special attention to some of the details that are of particular importance for successful earnings on a remote basis:

  • The ability to create a comprehensive and informative profile. Most freelance websites are used as intermediaries between employees and customers, representing a convenient freelance website for publishing customer applications and the response of freelancers on a competitive basis. Also, such sites act as an arbitration body in the event that disputes arise about the quality of the order or payment for the work performed and other freelancing business questions. Nevertheless, every freelance website is a kind of social network where each registered user can create a full-fledged profile of a specialist, place links to a portfolio and implement own freelance business ideas. Modern resources used by freelancers provide the opportunity to combine many different profiles from different resources into one database, which contributes to the development of the number of business connections and the development of oneself as a specialist;
  • The level of competition and the number of orders in the specialty. Many modern freelance website provides unique opportunities for working in a specialty in areas such as programming, translations, web design, website, and application development. Nevertheless, along with the growing popularity of remote employment as the main type of employment in a number of professions, freelance potential has also increased as the basis for working in a number of creative and seemingly completely unrelated to the Internet professions. On large freelance websites you can find whole sections with orders for culinary specialists (visiting and orders related to the supply of home-made food for food courts and offices), for illustrators and artists, for clothing designers and even for representatives of manufacturing professions, The main role of a freelancer in in this case, mediation between private clients, large companies and specialists of different professions. In this case, employees manage to overcome the high level of competition that exists on regular job search sites and present themselves as specialists, and for clients, this is a great way to interact on a project basis without the need for registration. Diverse freelance business ideas could be implemented through such platforms, including even own freelance website promotion;
  • Payment and withdrawal of funds. The main stumbling block to working remotely is not even looking for customers — this goes without saying — but paying for the work. Thanks to the development of modern e-commerce tools, freelancers from all over the world can quickly and reliably receive earned funds into a bank or virtual account. Nevertheless, in order to start freelance business in freelance website, look at possible payment options — some freelance websites provide the ability to withdraw funds directly to a bank card, while others require the creation of electronic wallets or issuing cards of popular e-commerce services.

How to Get the First Contract for Freelance Work?

In the beginning, you should know, that the very first steps on freelance aren’t easy for every qualification specialist. Even taking into account the huge number of diverse tasks on the Internet, it isn’t so easy for a novice to find regular customers. When working on a remote basis, a lot depends on the personal working reputation and attached portfolio, so getting the very first freelance contract is the most difficult task that all freelance specialists face at the beginning of their path.

How to find a customer on the freelance marketplace in the event you haven’t even encountered cooperation on a remote basis? How introduce yourself and how to file, as a qualified specialist, in order to certainly receive a freelance contract? Let’s look at the main criteria and aspects that almost all customers on freelance exchanges around the world pay special attention to.

1. Eliminate all outside distractions

While working on a freelance, there is no place for inaction and laziness. It is sometimes difficult to disengage from Internet surfing and Facebook, and just get to work. Therefore, victory over laziness is not nearly 50% of your success. For the first time, try to dilute everyday work in freelance marketplace with other useful doings — such as sports training or study.

Also, you should definitely refrain from frequent breaks — immerse yourself in sessions for several hours, and then take a break. Experienced freelancers may well take a break every hour, or work 6-10 hours in a row. For beginners, this is an almost impossible task. 

Once you’ve received your contract for freelance work, devote all skills and experience to the first task. You should start working in freelance marketplace as if every minute of your inaction works against you — after all, the freelancer’s reputation is earned over the years. Thanks to the effective and high-quality work in freelance marketplace from the very first task, you can set a comfortable schedule and earn a reputation as a trusted partner.

2. Be patient

So, you have a fighting spirit, but your requests are not answered. No need to see in this decay and hopelessness. It may take one day, or maybe three weeks, to receive the first order. Due to your specialization, the response time can be completely different — programmers are answered more often since their work is fraught with specific requirements for freelancer skills. To get work in freelance marketplace, try to be able to keep yourself busy while you are looking for another project to participate in — and try to spend this time with benefits for yourself.

3. Presentable profile

Filling your profile on the chosen freelance marketplace, describe your skills and experience in detail, making an accent on skills and tasks, that could be exceptionally useful for customers in this particular field. Make everything concisely, without water and meaningless text — otherwise, the customer may simply not read your info to the end. First, describe achievements in the chosen main specialty, add links to published projects and qualification course certificates. It is also advisable to indicate additional abilities and skills to work in freelance marketplace with diverse programs and frameworks. Try to name as many program names as possible and make as simple a profile as possible so that the customer doesn’t get lost in complex technical terms.

Ideally, give 3-4 overview paragraphs to the main description, preferably no more than 1000 characters in total. This doesn’t guarantee you to get work in freelance marketplace, but greatly increases the chances of the successful bid significantly.

4. Portfolio

The portfolio is the starting point of a freelancer’s collaboration with clients and his «calling card» in the world of remote work in freelance marketplace. A modern portfolio shouldn’t look like a banal list of completed tasks. Each work in freelance marketplace should be equipped with all the necessary information regarding the technical requirements, deadlines and other, the smallest aspects of participation in each project presented in the portfolio. The vast majority of customers, first of all, pay attention to the portfolio, and only then they begin to communicate with the freelancer about the task.

The main problem is that at the very beginning of the freelancer’s work he doesn’t have a well-developed portfolio yet. Therefore, in the corresponding tab on job search sites, previous work experience should be indicated. Also, it will be useful to attach creative tasks completed in one or another program «just for yourself» — spend a few days completing such tasks to show your skills to future customers.

The portfolio needs to be filled with the most successful of your work and publications. Always discuss with each customer the possibility of placing work in a freelance marketplace, or discuss this item when drawing up a freelance contract.

5. Don’t underbid. Send a request «for sure»

The freelance marketplace has its own laws and foundations — and above all, you must be prepared for competition. Don’t count on getting a job too fast. Many beginning freelancers this fact leads to despair in attempts to get the first freelance contract. They begin to offer their services at low prices, dumping the freelance marketplace in a separate area of ​​remote work in freelance marketplace. This can lead to complaints from other freelancers — and your career will end there.

In addition, try to write a unique cover letter for each application — this immediately sets up the client to cooperate with you and allows you to establish partnerships from the very first moment you meet. Ask basic questions to clarify the task, describe your experience specifically in this area of ​​freelance, corny — ask the customer by name — and your chances of getting a project will increase significantly.

¿Cómo elegir el calendario en línea para la planificación empresarial?

Un calendario personalizado online es una herramienta esencial para cualquier empresa pequeña o grande y autónomos. Mejora el rendimiento y la productividad de todos los departamentos de la empresa. Una vez que su negocio requiere apuro o actividad lenta pero eficiente, un calendario personalizado online es un elemento que puede ayudar a cumplir con los plazos y no perderse en un ajetreo. ¿Cuáles son los requisitos para un calendario personalizado online para la planificación empresarial?

Características del calendario comercial en línea

Plantillas. Tal característica ayuda a los empresarios a dividir las tareas mediante la creación de calendario personalizado online. Una persona puede establecer un calendario personalizado online para tareas domésticas o un calendario personalizado online para actividades relacionadas con el trabajo. Además, hay opciones para un cumpleaños, recordatorios diarios y plantillas de tareas educativas. Por lo tanto, un usuario no mezclará las tareas y se concentrará completamente en las operaciones de trabajo.

Acceso concedido. Una vez que un hombre de negocios requiere involucrar a otros socios en sus asuntos, un calendario personalizado online debe tener la opción de otorgar acceso a otros. Una persona con su socio puede compartir un calendario comercial en línea o, por ejemplo, acceso abierto para todos los trabajadores de un departamento.

Herramienta de eventos recurrentes. Un organizador de calendario personalizado online no solo permite a los usuarios programar los eventos, reuniones corporativas o diferentes tipos de llamadas de conferencia, sino que también les recuerda su prioridad y les notifica con una hora de antelación. Dichas notificaciones pueden ser en forma de SMS o mensajes de texto, o como una alarma.

La posibilidad de exportar. Todos los datos deben exportarse fácilmente a aplicaciones o software de terceros como Outlook, Excel, Docs o PDF. Dicha característica ayuda a los usuarios a recuperar y luego entregar información durante las reuniones o informar a la alta dirección.

Basado en la nube. Excepto por una gran variedad de aplicaciones que se encuentran en Apple Store o Android Play Market, los empresarios deben optar por un software profesional, especialmente el que se encuentra en la nube. Mejora el acceso a planes esenciales y permite a los usuarios tomar decisiones basadas en las tareas planificadas. Cree un calendario personalizado online designado para diferentes departamentos y permita que todos cooperen en las mismas tareas.

Herramienta de cambio. Muchas empresas sienten la necesidad de herramientas separadas para compensar los turnos de los empleados. Debe ser una página separada que muestre los días hábiles, días libres, bajas por enfermedad, días de descanso y, por supuesto, planes de vacaciones. Esta herramienta es principalmente útil para los expertos en recursos humanos, pero cualquier usuario podrá pasar por alto la semana laboral y realizar los cambios posibles o deseados si la gerencia lo aprueba.

Calendario de gestión de tareas. Este tipo de calendario en línea permite a los gerentes, en particular, ver el estado actual de cualquier tarea. Allí es posible resaltar el trabajo por hacer como hecho o fallido. O bien, para realizar un seguimiento de cómo una u otra tarea está en curso o cuánto tiempo lleva completarla.

Opción de sincronización. Al elegir un software de calendario, es importante preguntar sobre la opción de sincronización. Una persona debe trabajar no solo pegada a la silla de la oficina sino desde el móvil. Para que los usuarios que opten por un software avanzado, tengan la posibilidad de sincronizar la PC con teléfonos móviles o tabletas. Por lo tanto, la gestión de las tareas puede ocurrir cuando y donde sea necesario.

Además, algunos calendario para la planificación empresarial cuentan con una papelera de reciclaje realizada que ayuda a recuperar todos los datos que se habían eliminado anteriormente. Y, por supuesto, un factor de seguridad no juega el último papel una vez que se elige un producto. Asegúrese de que la autenticación de dos factores o las características separadas ayudan a proteger todos los datos de usuarios desconocidos.

Todos estos requisitos deben ir seguidos de un precio justo sin que se disparen los costos de actualizaciones y mantenimiento.

Una vez que busque todas las funciones mencionadas anteriormente en un software basado en la nube, recurra al calendario comercial en línea ManageMart que puede mejorar el rendimiento de la empresa junto con la organización eficiente de su semana. Se garantiza una interfaz fácil de usar y el apoyo continuo de los expertos en la industria del software.